Elsie Ojum

Elsie Ojum

B.A. Law
Minors: French & Sociology

Our next Student Spotlight is the TSC’s very own Elsie Ojum! Elsie is a Law major with minors in French and Sociology. We are proud to spotlight Elsie and are so happy for her pending graduation this May!

How have you stayed focused during this pandemic?

Music and my to-do list. I have learnt that music helps me to focus because I work with rhythm. I have done this so much that I know how long each song is, so that double as a timer. More importantly, writing a to-do list helps me remember what I have to do each day and there is a satisfaction knowing that you’ve completed all your tasks for the day.

What are things you like to do at home?

It’s weird because everything is at home. My work, school, and home life seem to have blended together. Thing is, I enjoy that I can do all that at home. It is comfortable. However, trying to gym at home has been my hardest task yet. I don’t enjoy that.

What are your hobbies?

I have many hobbies but the top one at the moment is writing. You should check out my work at https://elsie200.medium.com/

What is your favorite UA memory?

I worked Orientation the summer of 2019. I learnt so much about the school’s rich history and many random facts. I made wonderful friends and got to help new students and the families settle in. It has to be one of the best summers I’ve ever had.

What is your advice for other students?

Don’t be afraid to take risks. Try something new. Higher Ed is about getting to know who you are, so explore that. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, be vulnerable or stand your ground. Additionally, the staff at the University are super friendly and genuinely want to see you thrive. You have a whole bunch of resources laid out for you. Use them.