Transfer Student Honor Society

Tau Sigma National Honor Society

The UA chapter is known as Tau Sigma Beta Omega and is the first established Chapter of Tau Sigma Honor Society for Transfer students in the state of Arizona. The honor society is one of the foundation blocks of a tradition of achievement for transfer students at UA. The Tau Sigma Beta Omega honor society enhances transfer students' visibility and reputation on campus, provides motivation for academic excellence as well as a common bond and sense of community.


You must transfer to a four year institution of higher learning from another academic institution with at least one full year’s academic credits satisfied at the prior institution(s).

You must be registered in a course of study leading to a bachelor's degree for an amount of work equal to an average full load (usually 12 to 15 hours).

Membership in the Organization shall be based upon superior academic achievement by students during their first term in the institution to which they transfer (only credit hours that count toward a bachelor's degree can be used to determine Tau Sigma eligibility).

The minimum academic average required for membership is a 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. Academic eligibility shall be obtained on the grades of one full curricular period, i.e., semester, trimester, quarter, or term. Eligibility is limited to the first term of enrollment at the institution to which the student transfers. Summer school session equivalent to a full curricular period may be used to meet the academic requirement.

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