Yvette Robles

B.S. Nutritional Sciences: Dietetics Emphasis

Minor: Thematic & Food Safety

Yvette Robles

Our next student spotlight is Yvette Robles! They are a Nutritional Sciences: Dietetic Emphasis major and a Thematic & Food Safety minor, set to graduate in May 2022.

How have you stayed focused during this pandemic?

Some of the ways I've managed to stay involved and focused through this pandemic or being in Greek Life and also my friends here at the University. Being involved in Greek life has made me realize that I'm not alone in this and everyone is feeling the weight of this pandemic. My other friends have pushed me to keep fighting for things that I want to be a part of on campus.

What are things you like to do at home?

I love reading at home because it's so relaxing, and I feel like I can just forget about the world around me and being in another universe (currently reading Midnight Sun).       

What are your hobbies?

During football season I love watching college and professional games with my dad.     

What is your favorite UA memory?

My favorite memory was meeting some of my sorority sisters in person recently, and having fun taking pictures, with masks of course.        

What is your advice for other students?

It is hard to leave your familiar surroundings, so, if you can, try to meet some people once you get to your new school so you will know somebody. This can happen through student organizations or clubs, or just through your classes or meeting people around campus. I've found it very helpful to have a friend in my classes. Also, be gentle with yourself. There are a lot of new things to take in and get used to, so it will take time to feel comfortable.